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Ship building

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Trust and Mutual Respect

I work with clients and discuss their needs, aspirations and goals to come up with a solution. Listening, understanding, trust and mutual respect play an important role in the relationship with my clients. I believe solutions shouldn't be daunting, difficult or drawn out, keep it simple.

Bella Caledonia.

Stay the Course.

An Ancient Scottish Proverb

Enjoy the journey

and the destination will take care of itself

Cool Apps

A few HTML5 utility application tools I have created for your pleasure and I hope you find them useful.
All the applications are browser centric and can used on any device desktop, laptop, table or smart phone but some are best used on devices with a larger screen i.e. desktop, laptop or tablet

Select The App

  apps 2 and 3 best used on larger screen devices

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Soar Alba Gu BrĂ th

All Things Scottish

A selection of some of my favourite videos here are a few...

This is Scotland. You are welcome

A country of ancient heritage and vibrant culture, of breathtaking landscapes and unlimited adventures.

Visit Scotland...

Voted one of the most beautiful countries in the world and no wonder.

The Skye Boat Song (lyrics) - Outlander (theme song)

The 'Skye Boat Song' is one of my favourite folk songs, it's especially beautiful and majestic when played by a pipe band!. Celebrating a Scottish love story that defies time.

For that lass my wife Fi...

This Son of Scotland loved that lass even before we met. It wasn't her it was the promise of her.

Scottish Women's Anthem - Girl (Daughter of Scotland)

For all the Daughters of Scotland and Adopted Daughters of Scotland a female empowerment anthem, celebrating Scottish women and promoting gender equality.

Female empowerment...

The Sons of Scotland have supreme faith in the women of Scotland, who are the ones who will show us the way forward.

Dougie MacLean - Caledonia

Caledonia is the ancient name for Scotland. It is the name given us by the Romans 2,000 years ago, given to the whole country as it was the name of the largest tribe who led the fight to drive out the Romans on their three failed invasions of Caledonia. We romantically retain the name in songs and poetry. Beautifully sung!.

Brings a tear to my eye every time...

I hope you enjoyed listening to this too.

Dougie Maclean & Guests - Caledonia

No matter how long it is since you left Scotland one thing is for certain Scotland never leaves you.

So let me tell you Scotland I love you...

and never a day goes by without thinking of her...


Greenock Perth Dundee Aberdeen




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